Photography Assistants

Since the very beginning of our photography business we have always photographed with two or more photographers in attendance. A wedding is such a precious, yet time-limited occasion, so you really need someone you trust. That is why we always have 2-3 of us working each wedding (or even portrait) so you KNOW we will capture everything important for your special day. These are the main two who assist Jamie during events.

Bryan is Jamie’s husband and has been shooting with Jamie since 2010. He really enjoys the rush of weddings and specializes in the party at receptions. Bryan plans to continue photographing with Jamie and likes to run the business side of Jamie Lee Photography.

Elisa, who is transitioning to be the friendly face and communications of our business, has been shooting with us since last year. She loves to capture the little details of each wedding. We enjoy having her as part of the team and look forward to her helping us reach new heights as a business.

Wedding Photography Assistants

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