Big Changes

Sometimes you just need to shake things up a little bit. Instead of Taco Tuesdays, you go out to a nice Hibachi restaurant on Tuesday. Sometimes, though, you need to shake things up a lot: losing weight for the wedding, starting that book you keep putting off, saving money for retirement. We’ve felt that right now is the right time to make a big change like that.

For nine years at Jamie Lee Photography, I have primarily photographed weddings in the SWFL area. I always shot with an assistant, and my husband Bryan was that for many years. Then we had our beautiful daughters. As a teacher during the week, Bryan wouldn’t be able to spend enough time with the kids unless he stopped shooting on weekends too. So he stopped and I found another second shooter. I started to diversify more into portraits and began focusing less on my first photography love: weddings.


During the time when Bryan shot beside me at weddings, we had a blast capturing moments for our couples at such a glorious time in their lives. It was nice being able to rely on my husband to get the shots I needed done so I could focus on the bride and her needs more exclusively. He was really so very supportive at home and at weddings, helping me with whatever I needed on top of whatever was required of him from the wedding party or bride and groom.

Recently, Bryan felt led to be more involved in the business than he has in the past. We had both realized we missed working together at weddings. We genuinely believe this change is God opening doors so we can honor his will in our lives. It will also help us fulfill goals we have for our future as a family and as a business. So…. here we are. Bryan will now be a manager and second shooter for Jamie Lee Photography, moving towards working on the business full-time.

We are excited to make weddings priority again. While we still have plenty of room to shoot portraits, weddings really fit us well as a business and especially as photographers. We are confident that Jamie Lee Photography, and our family, are stepping into a bright new future.

With Bryan joining the team again, it felt right to have a change of branding too. It has been awhile since we have made an overhaul of our logo and website, so this felt like the perfect time to make that change. We really feel it expresses our style as photographers and our guiding values as co-owners of Jamie Lee Photography.  We are excited to better serve our couples and the wedding community at large with this refreshing change for us as a family and as business owners.

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