8 Fun Poses for the Wedding Party

We’ve all seen the traditional posed wedding party photos, everyone standing straight, bridesmaids with their bouquets held neatly in front of them. These images look good and are a great way to show off the people you and your partner have chosen to stand beside you on your wedding day, but maybe you want something a little different—a chance to show off everyone’s personalities.

Wedding party photos don’t have to be predictable and dull, but you also don’t have to scour Pinterest for new ideas. There are fun, simple ways to allow every groomsman and bridesmaid to express themselves while still ending up with photos you’ll love and cherish for years to come!

Capture kiss reactions
A great way to let your wedding party goof off a little bit is to share a quick kiss with your partner with your bridesmaids and groomsmen in the background. Their expressions will give you something to laugh at and enjoy when you look at the photos later!

Form a V
Have your wedding party form an upside-down V while you and your partner stand in the middle. Then tell everyone to celebrate! From dancing to yells to big grins, this pose gives your photographer a chance to capture everyone’s joy on your big day.

Show off in sunglasses
Want to look like the coolest wedding party? Have everyone put on a pair of shades and channel their inner celebrity. That includes you too!

Start a tug of war
This idea is perfect for the more playful couple. You and your partner stand in the middle embracing while your bridesmaids and groomsmen jokingly try to pull you apart.

Jump for joy
Weddings are all about celebrating! Go for a classic jump pose by attempting to have everyone leap into the air at the same time. While you may not get it perfect, the results will still be super fun!

Hold hands
This pose is especially pretty if you have a gorgeous venue or wide-open space as a backdrop. Line up in a row with your wedding party and have everyone hold hands with you and your partner in the middle leaning in for a kiss.

Spell out your name
If you and your partner will share the same last name, enlist your wedding party to stand behind the two of you while you kiss, holding up letters that spell out your new name.

Pair up
Have each bridesmaid and groomsman pair up and capture a shot of everyone with their partners, including you with your soon-to-be-spouse. If you have an uneven number, change pairs into groups of three.

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